Stranger Danger!

Hey guys! So I’m sure most of you have used the Internet to post and sell items before. Many people meet up at public places to exchange items, and others meet at their homes. I myself have done both. But what I noticed about my 4 year old James, is he opened the door when the lady knocked at the door! Boy was that a wake up call! Not only does that lady now know where he lives, but they know that my son just opened the door without me knowing or my permission! Scary! I thought by posting a few clips about stranger danger you could make sure your kids are informed as they should be! One of the clips says a child should be aware of what to do in that situation by age 4! So I will be doing lots of practicing starting now! Some of these clips are old and dated but the information is still the same! Enjoy and be safe!

Will’s Jams: Check out this cool kids clip!!

Hey guys! This morning I was watching morning cartoons with James and this show came on! I thought it was so important for kids to know and learn I came up with this idea for a “clips for kids” page! So I will continue to post informative short clips for our kids to watch and learn! I hope you enjoy! And dont forget to comment and let me know how you and your kids like them! 😉

Breastfeeding: Mommy Super Power, or Ball & Chain? Here is my experience!

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Every mother makes a choice when they have a child. To breastfeed or not to breastfeed. And everyone and their dog has an opinion on this topic but the only opinion that matters is YOURS! No one can convince you to do anything you don’t want to do. Some people’s decisions are made based on how they were raised, religion, standards that family members or themselves have made. But all that doesn’t matter. No one needs to be given an explanation on why you chose which decision. Because that is a choice to be made by you, and the only people it truly affects are you and YOUR child!

When I first had James, I was 16, and I looked at breastfeeding like a nuisance at most times. He had a hard time latching on at first, also because I didn’t really know what I was doing. I had a nursing coach come in at the hospital to guide me in the right direction. I didn’t feel comfortable feeding in public, and so every time he would have to feed I felt like I had to remove myself from the room. At night, it sucked because I was the only one who had to wake up and feed him, and because he was my first child, my breasts were very tender, and sore! So when I was introduced to pumping my experience was completely changed. I pumped as much as I could just so I could have a break and have someone else feed him. But little did I know, that when you breast feed your baby, your brain gets a message to produce more milk… and when you are pumping, the message isn’t as strong. So my milk depleted greatly. I breastfed strictly for 3 months, basically until the colostrum was gone. And then he went through a growth spurt and I couldn’t keep up. I stopped pumping and started drinking nursing tea, and then I got blocked milk ducts, and Oh my goodness!! Whoever has gone through that knows what I am talking about, the worst experience ever! That led to no feeding and back to pumping. So I went out and bought formula which I felt horrible doing because I had heard so much about it, and how its much better to breast feed, but what could I do. I knew I had done the important part and given him the colostrum, so I guess that was the main thing. I continued to breast feed whenever I could, and sometimes I would just for his comfort. I knew how important that connection was for his development as well as our relationship! So yah, that experience wasn’t the greatest. 😉 But it was an experience none the less!

However, with Lucas, I breast fed him all the way up until now! And he will be 2 at the end of January! But I am happy to say we are at the “Weaning Process!” 😀 His experience was much more pleasant and enjoyable! No blocked ducts, and my discomfort about feeding in public was gone! It became just second nature to just start feeding him, and sometimes I would forget that other people in the room wouldn’t be as comfortable with it 😉 Like my dad for example! But it was probably the best breast feeding experience I could have asked for. It definitely changed my view on nursing, that I had made based off of my time with James. In the middle of the night I would just get him out of his crib and bring him back into my room, and nurse him until we were both asleep. YES I co-slept with my babies and LOVED it! I wouldn’t have changed that one bit! And he took to a bottle well, when it was time for me to go back to work and school.

One of my favourite things I can say about both experiences, is the feeling that you have while breastfeeding, is probably the closest feeling you will ever feel to that of which you felt the day they were born! Knowing you created this little person, and have the power to feed them with your own body is incredible! And when they pull off and stare into your eyes like “you are the most important person in the world and I love you”, and then go right back to nursing, It just fills your heart in a way you could have never imagined! Nothing could replace that!

Let’s hear about your experiences, and opinions about this topic, and maybe along the way, some unanswered questions will finally be answered!


New beginnings

Hey guys! I just thought I would check in and give you a little update from my house! As of now, I am back at school part time finishing my Health Care Assistant program at the local university, while working part time back at burger king. Neil is still working at the hospital cleaning, and is loving it! Things are going great, however we are quite busy! Luckily Neil’s shifts are 4-12pm so we don’t have to worry about daycare! BONUS! 🙂 👏 But with everything, it is hard sometimes to make sure the kids are getting enough fun time! I had been making it a point to take the boys and the dogs for a walk mostly every night, but with the weather change its not much fun to take the kids in the rain…. So instead we have been going to the pool quite regularly, and James has now jumped off the low diving board, went down the water slide, AND swam under water without his life jacket!!! WOOHOO!! We also have been working out together in the mornings while I am home! We started with the “Get fit with kids” videos, and then they lost interest for a while! Haha, so I got to just do my own thing for the time being. 😉 So with me doing that and with eating healthy, following my gluten free diet and keeping my regular exercise, I am very proud to say that I have lost parenting-number-14 lbs!! I feel soo much healthier! I haven’t taken time for myself in a very long time, and I’ll tell you, when you finally do, it does AMAZING things! I went out and got new make up, some new clothes and a couple pairs of shoes. (all on sale of course!) 😉 But you know what, I feel like myself again. I don’t just feel like a mom robot. I feel like ME! I’m back at school doing what I want and love to do, I’ve finally started losing my baby weight!! AND most importantly images (5) What I have learned, is you cannot change for anyone! Sure you can try, but if it is not what you want, it wont stick! I am finally at a place in my life where everything is starting to make sense. I feel like I am beginning to get to know myself better and I love it! Before I had my boys, I was 120-140 lbs, very active, and very healthy, that is just me. But probably like most of you, I put my life on hold to have my children. But now, James is 4 and almost in school, and Lucas is almost 2 and I am finally weaning him off breastfeeding. Maybe that is why I jump started this change. I’m just starting to get my body back to myself with someone hanging off of me constantly. 😉 But whatever is it, I am grateful, because I am getting my life back! ❤

The reason I’m telling this to all of you, is because I want you all to know,  several months ago, I had know idea what I was supposed to be doing, I felt like my life was a mess. I was the heaviest I have ever been, I was depressed, and I felt like I was doubting myself for everything. I’m not sure what changed, but something did. Maybe I just finally decided that I didn’t want that to be my life anymore. So I started eating healthy, I said no to all the wheat, and whether I wanted to or not, I went for a walk or worked out in my room. And I want to share with all of you amazing followers my story so you can see all different sides and angles to my life, because I am not alone in this and neither are you! No one is perfect, and just because life gets hard, doesn’t mean it wont get better. Some one said to me recently, “Life has ups, and it has downs, and sometimes the ups last longer, and at other times the downs last longer. And once you realize that is just the cycle of life, you will become better at dealing with the downs because you know once you start climbing out, its only up from there!”That was the most incredible way to put it, and I know I have heard it before but for some reason it really registered with me at that moment, and I had something like this image below running through my head. It just made sense.



Choices, Challenges & Opinions

As a young mom, we are faced with many challenges. And even though it is very hard to filter through the gossip, and the input from others, in the end the choice is up to you. Only you can decide which way your life is going to go. Sure people can offer their advice on the best way they know how, and tell you what they’ve learned from their experiences, but only you know what is best for you. Whether it is best for you in the long run, or the present. The thing that I have learned, is, yes you have to be able to look forward and try to think how that choice you are going to make will affect you in the future, but sometimes it is just too much in that moment and you need to just take it one step at a time. I will guarantee, there will always be at least one person who will disagrmy-choiceee with your choice, and yes they are entitled to their opinions, however you are entitled to yours and you choose who gets to control of your life.
We all know each and every person has different views on parenting, pregnancy, abortion, adoption, breast feeding, labor, whichever the topic. And I know not all of you will agree with mine along the way, but this blog is not here to tell you what to do, or how to raise your children. It is here for you to hear my views, and my stories, and learn from them. Maybe just listen and know that you are not alone, and each and every mother out there is dealing with something, whether it’s similar to your situation or not. Every decision you come across is yours to make. Please understand when I say this blog is a safe place for everyone and all their decisions. This is a place for support, and comfort, and to feel confident about yourselves, your lives, and your choices.

We all have to stick together. After all, we are raising the next generation. It’s up to us how it turns out. 🙂